We provide you with professional support in real estate sales. Our cooperation with you is fully transparent and easy to understand, you will understand how the value of your property is generated.

Forest felling, forest properties, apartments, houses, rural properties, agricultural land - with us you get the highest possible market price for your property.

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For sale Happy podcast

I invite you to listen to a podcast featuring the most powerful salespeople I have met on my journey. Together we will learn from them how to be a successful salesperson. I'm putting everything I've learned about selling to work for you to sell your property for the best price.

Legal support

Fast, convenient, happy.

A farmhouse, an apartment in a big city, a house by a lake or a forest in a protected landscape area! We provide a professional approach to each individual.


More than ten years of experience in sales has led me to real estate sales in Latvia.

Sales is an area where I feel I belong. I know how sometimes the sales process can seem complicated, but over the years I have learned to look at difficult situations with a light touch and to deal with them skillfully.

This is not just a platform to help you happily sell your property, but a part of me, a set of skills that I am happy to serve you with.

If sales, communication, business is not your forte, then I am here for you.




SME Deal in Kuldīga - September 2023

MVP deals will be the most valuable deals in different Latvian cities. Let's learn together about different deals in the real estate world across Latvia. Land, houses, apartments. We will understand the current prices in the Latvian real estate market. In this episode

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For sale Happy podcast

Powerful, experienced, knowledgeable people, connected in any way to the world of sales. Let's talk and learn from them. In this podcast, we'll become better salespeople and find out where the dog is buried to

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How do I sell my land, apartment or house?

You can sell it yourself, but finding out a reasonable fair value can be more complicated than logging on to When I price a property, I take many factors into account. Similar transactions that have taken place in a nearby area, the market

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My unique sales experience

Even when I was a little boy, I loved the sales process. I made my first big deal at the age of 11, selling my Peugeot blue bicycle to a friend from the fourth ward. I was very

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sell real estate

what do you want to sell?

Dzīvokļa ikona


Accurately determining the market value of a property and having a clear vision of how to approach the sale are some of the keys to a successful transaction. Selling an apartment with us means getting the most out of your property.

Mājas ikona


Houses are probably the most interesting objects to realise. We have developed an approach to deal with any unusual situations to make your property sale successful and expensive again.

Zemes ikona

land or forest

If you have decided to sell your land or forest, this is the time to do it! We'll show you what has happened with similar properties in nearby regions, so you can get a closer and more accurate idea of the true market value of your property.



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Frequently asked questions

What are the costs of selling a property with US?
It all depends on the complexity of the transaction. When you work with us, the most common fee starts from 5%. We have an exclusive arrangement which is very valuable for the seller, as we work with agents all over Latvia to facilitate a quicker sale of your property.
maybe it's better to sell it yourself?
Why not? Each of us has some sales skills. However, we will represent you professionally - from market analysis, professional marketing strategy in the Baltic market, communication management during the transaction, legal formalities. We will make you feel comfortable during the transaction process.
How soon is the property expected to be sold?
Once we have analysed the market and have a clear understanding of our market position, it is possible to sell in as little as one week with the work we put in. Of course, it also depends on the market segment of the property. More expensive properties can be marketed for 1 - 6 months.
what do I need before I sell my property?
The main thing is to decide that you want to sell. Before selling, we will analyse the property documents, do market research, understand our position in the market or the true value of the property. And if we agree on the price, we will start working together.

sold urgently

Sell property within 3 days

Sometimes you need to do a deal right away, we understand that! That's why we offer Urgent Realisation - Contact within 1h.


Calling and determining the quick realisation value of the property. Analysis of real estate documents.


A rapid realisation study has been carried out. We will contact you and offer you a price. We arrange an appointment with a notary.


Successful conclusion of the deal. Meet us at the notary and transfer the money to your account!

Find out the price of your property within 24h!

Find out the price of your property within 24h!

Find out the price of your property within 24h!

Find out the price of your property within 24h!