My unique sales experience

Even when I was a little boy, I loved the sales process. I made my first big deal at the age of 11, selling my Peugeot blue bicycle to a friend from the fourth ward. I loved the board game "Monopoly", which I often played with friends over the years. And it was this game that helped me to realise that I loved selling, bargaining and communicating with other players and then, one evening, playing the game, I realised that this was mine and I was going to do it in real life with real money. The decision was made.

Time went on and I continued to sell everything and many things. This job has taken me to very distant lands and has allowed me to meet so many of my brethren who live all over the wide world. Madrid, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Moscow, Paris and many other big cities have been the places where I have trained to become a trader. In my sales travels, I have met exceptionally skilled brothers in their craft whose knowledge cannot be found on YouTube or in courses bought on Facebook. The skills I learnt from very experienced sales brothers I could only feel and read between the lines of what the person was saying. I travelled a lot, I met successful people, but internally I always wanted to work in Latvia, and by work I mean to sell.

I sat down and made a firm decision that I would sell real estate. I knew how to sell to a Chinese, an Englishman, an Irishman, a South African, an American or a Canadian, but that's the next blog post. Selling to a Latvian in his native language was like a stroke of luck, after which Sprīdītis went with his spade and found it again right at home in Latvia. David Baron Aver's godfather, for those who don't know, a young real estate guru, gave me a lot of great material and offered me a "Maukt together" in the real estate industry. Within a year of living in Latvia, I had already sold a wide segment of real estate - forests, houses, building land, apartments, small gardens, commercial properties, agricultural land and even investment properties. And now I feel more and more stable and confident about the added value I can bring to the real estate market.

- Roberts