SME Deal in Kuldīga - September 2023

MVP deals will be the most valuable deals in different Latvian cities. Let's learn together about different deals in the real estate world across Latvia. Land, houses, apartments. We will understand the current prices in the Latvian real estate market. In this episode we go to the beautiful tourist town of Kuldīga. Sell Happy is created for people who want to sell their real estate. I am a ...

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Transactions in Saldus city and

Here's a quick look at Saldus real estate transactions over the last year. I think it is very important to keep up to date with the latest market transactions, which is a great way to get a very good handle on property market prices.

For sale Happy podcast

Powerful, experienced, knowledgeable people, connected in any way to the world of sales. Let's talk and learn from them. In this podcast, we'll become better salespeople and find out where that dog is buried so we can sell a handful of sand to a desert Bedouin. And how can these sales things be useful for a better everyday life?

A happy customer is at the heart of pārdodlaimī values

Every one of us has been in a situation where we have only one idea in our head - "I want to sell real estate". Maybe it's the growth of a family, or someone's standards of living are rising again as life goes on, or life circumstances are changing completely. Sometimes it can seem like a property has a lot of problems and will be difficult to sell, which is why pā was created. Our company cooperates ...

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A real estate agent's daily life

Sometimes someone asks - what does my day-to-day life in real estate look like? Every day is very different, which is what I have always wanted in life. So here's a look at one of my working days - 23 March. No theatrics, just the real thing - the way it is and what I do! Check out the full Facebook article here!

How do I sell my land, apartment or house?

You can sell it yourself, but finding out a reasonable fair value can be more complicated than logging on to When I price a property, I take many factors into account. Existing similar transactions in a nearby area, market activity, competitors' offers, competitors' sales quality, certified valuations. And then by applying communication, empathy and good bargaining skills you can sell your property really well and ...

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